RIP Breeders’ Cup Distaff

Ginger Punch winning the last installment of the Breeders’ Cup Distaff (Charles Pravata)

Moran’s post this morning inspired me to watch all of the Breeders’ Cup Distaff races… he’s right, but here are all 23 reasons.

1984 – Princess Rooney

1985 – Life’s Magic

1986 – Ladies Secret

1987 – Sacahuista

1988 – Personal Ensign

1989 – Bayakoa

1990 – Bayakoa

[WARNING – includes Go For Wand’s upsetting breakdown in the stretch]

1991 – Dance Smartly

1992 – Paseana

1993 – Hollywood Wildcat

1994 – One Dreamer

1995 – Inside Information

1996 – Jewel Princess

1997 – Ajina

1998 – Escena

1999 – Beautiful Pleasure

2000 – Spain

2001 – Unbridled Elaine

2002 – Azeri

2003 – Adoration

2004 – Ashado

2005 – Pleasant Home

2006 – Round Pond

2007 – Ginger Punch

7 thoughts on “RIP Breeders’ Cup Distaff

  1. Swifty

    Gotta say Personal Ensign over Winning Colors at the wire was the perfect example of what makes this sport so fantastic.

  2. dana

    Swifty – truly a great race, but I think all of them are good examples of what makes this sport so fantastic.

    Teresa – thx!

    E – hmmm, hard to call between Princess Rooney, Personal Ensign vs. Winning Colors and Ginger Punch vs. Hysterical Lady. I think I’d have to go with Personal Ensign.

    A few other fav highlights: I love Asi Siempre in 2006, too bad she couldn’t bull her way through a bit earlier so she could have caught Round Pond. I really like Unbridled Elaine’s win, her giant strides in the stretch are so fantastic. Ladies Secret total domination was pretty awesome too… I could on.

    ljk – one man’s opinion 🙂

    What are anyone’s else’s favorites? Perhaps I should make this my new poll.

  3. John S.

    I was at the morning gallops and called a friend and said, ‘Whatever you do, don’t bet on Round Pond. She’s lame and limping around the track.’ Um, yeah.

    I was at Belmont when Inside Information just launched herself away from the field and just as she crossed the finish line a rainbow filled the sky. Magnifique!

    For sheer, heartstopping excitement, Personal Ensign-Winning Colors, and, sadly, Bayakoa-Go For Wand until one of the most wrenching moments in horse racing.

    Thank you for compiling such a terrific sequence. I imagine I’ll be back here next year to watch the replay of Cocoa Beach, I mean Ginger Punch. Shoot. I mean Music Note. Zenyatta?

    John S.

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